Exploration and Production

The segment’s business focuses on extracting hydrocarbons from deposits and preparing them for sale. It comprises the entire process of oil and gas exploration and production, from geological analyses, to geophysical surveys and drilling work, to field development and hydrocarbon production. The work is conducted based on PGNiG’s own resources or jointly with partners, under joint operations agreements, in Poland and abroad. Some of the produced nitrogen-rich gas is further treated into high-methane gas at the Odolanów and Grodzisk Wielkopolski nitrogen rejection units. Apart from high-methane gas, the cryogenic processing of nitrogen-rich gas yields such products as liquefied natural gas (LNG), gaseous and liquid helium, and liquid nitrogen. In crude refining, crude condensate, sulfur and propane-butane are obtained. The segment relies on storage capacities available at the Daszewo and Bonikowo Underground Gas Storage Facilities.

The segment includes the following companies: PGNiG SA, PGNiG Upstream Norway AS, PGNiG Upstream North Africa BV, Geofizyka Toruń Sp. z o.o., and EXALO Drilling SA.

For more information on the segment’s operations and financial performance, see Annual Report 2017.

Exploration & Production Segment