About us

Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) is a leader of the natural gas market in Poland

Key information

Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo SA is the leader of the Polish natural gas market. PGNiG SA is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange as part of WIG 20, the index of the largest Polish companies. The company’s core business includes exploration and production of natural gas and crude oil fields and, through its key subsidiaries, import, storage, sale and distribution of gaseous and liquid fuels, as well as generation of heat and electricity.

PGNiG SA has a stake in approximately 30 companies, including entities providing professional geophysical, drilling and maintenance services, highly esteemed on international markets.

PGNiG SA has branches in Russia, Belgium, Pakistan, Belarus, and Ukraine. PGNiG SA is also the sole owner of PGNiG Upstream International AS (formerly PGNiG Norway AS), a company engaged in exploring and operating deposits on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and the Norwegian Sea, POGC - Libya BV, a company engaged in exploring hydrocarbon deposits in the Murzuq Basin in Libya, PGNiG Sales & Trading GmbH based in Munich, a company engaged in gas trading, and PGNiG Finance AB based in Stockholm, which issues Eurobonds on the European market.

In June 2016 PGNiG received the first commercial delivery of LNG that arrived to the President Lech Kaczyński LNG Terminal in Świnoujście as part of the contract with Qatargas.

In February 2017 PGNiG opened its LNG trading office in London operated by PGNiG Supply & Trading.

Scope of operations

Operations of PGNiG and companies within the PGNiG Capital Group include:

  • domestic natural gas and crude oil production,
  • development of natural gas and crude oil fields in Poland and abroad,
  • provision of geological, geophysical and exploration services in Poland and abroad,
  • import of natural gas to Poland,
  • storage of natural gas in underground storage facilities,
  • distribution of gaseous fuels.

Stock exchange debut

PGNiG SA made its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in September 2005. On April 6, 2009 a process was started to distribute shares to eligible employees (750,000,000 shares in total). Since July 1, 2010 the shares have been traded on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, except for the 55,520 shares subscribed for by members of the Management Board, which have been traded since July 1, 2011.

The shareholding structure is as follows:
- State Treasury – number of shares: 4,271,810,954, which accounts for 72.404 % of the share capital,
- Others – number of shares: 1,628,189,046, which accounts for 27,596 % of the share capital.