PGNiG and AGH are jointly developing a new drilling technology

MiniDrill is an innovative solution that can increase hydrocarbon production and reduce drilling costs. The project’s first phase has just been completed.

PGNiG Group’s Q1 2018 performance stable, revenue up 14% y/y

Q1 2018 net profit at PLN 1.57bn on revenue of PLN 13.25bn. Share of gas from across Poland’s eastern border continued to decline, from 84% to 78% of total imports over the year. Volumes of LNG imports to Poland up 31% over Q1 2017.

New gas field near Rzeszów

Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo S.A. obtained commercial gas flows from the Królewska Góra-1K borehole, located in Budy Głogowskie, Rzeszów county. The Company estimates that the new deposit may yield approximately 20 mcm of high-methane gas per year.

Development plans for the Ærfugl and Skogul fields approved

The Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has approved the geological documentation and development plans for two fields in which PGNiG Upstream Norway holds interests. Production is planned to begin in 2020.

PGNiG and ORLEN Upstream continue exploration for natural gas in the region of Wielkopolska

Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) and ORLEN Upstream commenced drilling of another well under their joint project Płotki. Work on the Chwalęcin-1K borehole will take approximately 80 days. In addition, the two companies are getting ready to develop another field.

PGNiG forges cooperation with Mari Petroleum Company Limited of Pakistan

Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG SA) has signed a memorandum of understanding forging a strategic partnership with the second largest gas producer in Pakistan. The MOU provides for the parties’ cooperation in the upstream segment within and outside of Pakistan.

PGNiG: EBITDA at PLN 6.58bn, PLN 2.92bn net profit in 2017 – all-time highest results

Net profit of the PGNiG Group rose by 24%. EBITDA rose by 10% y/y, and EBIT increased by 16%, reaching PLN 3.91bn. The Group’s revenue grew to PLN 35.86bn, up by 8% y/y.

Naftogaz urgently buys gas from PGNiG after Gazprom’s withdrawal from starting deliveries to Ukraine

Naftogaz and Poland’s PGNiG have signed a contract for urgent gas supplies following the yesterday’s Gazprom’s decision to refuse starting supply of gas to Naftogaz, which happened a day after the announcement of the award of the Stockholm Tribunal.

Survey: Poles want diversification of gas supply sources to pay lower bills and feel more secure

In the opinion of the vast majority of Poles, Poland should diversify its gas supply sources as soon as possible. Breaking dependence on a single supplier would significantly improve our security and contribute to lower gas prices. These are the most important conclusions from the “Poland’s energy security 2017 – natural gas market” survey by GfK Polonia.

PGNiG: Small-scale LNG market to grow driven by smaller customers

A mobile station for metering liquefied natural gas, designed by PGNiG engineers, may revolutionise the “small-scale LNG” market in Poland. Smaller consumers will be able to buy only a part of the standard tanker’s gas load.