Wholesale Trading Branch

PGNiG’s Wholesale Trading Branch is an organisational unit responsible for trading in natural gas, LNG, crude oil, electricity, carbon allowances, and property rights. Our customer base includes industrial plants, resellers, and gas system operators. 

We take care to diversify our sources of supply to ensure energy security to our customers. To that end, we use the available assets and resources, including the contracted capacity and storage capacity of our underground storage facilities. This makes us ready to do even unplanned deliveries of additional volumes of gas, as requested by customers. We also help customers to meet the compulsory gas stockholding obligations under stockholding arrangements called tickets.

Our vast knowledge and experience in commodity trading have earned us a leading position in this market in Poland. We are also an active trader on European energy exchanges and dedicated wholesale trading platforms used by companies from all around Europe:

  • We are the leading player in the natural gas exchange trading market in Poland. Through our subsidiary PGNiG Supply & Trading, we also trade in gas on the NCG, Gaspool, TTF and other Western European trading platforms.
  • We trade in electricity in Poland and Germany. In Poland, we buy and sell gas in OTC transactions under EFET contracts and on the Polish Power Exchange. In Germany, we engage in spot trading on the EPEX Spot and in futures trading on the EEX.
  • As a member of the London-based ICE, we can enter into transactions on Europe’s largest and most liquid trading platform for futures contracts in carbon emission allowances. We are also an active participant in the property rights trading market.