Ticketing service

Ticketing Service is provided by PGNiG to meet halfway the expectations of companies specialising in the imports of natural gas to Poland. Within the scope of the Service, we offer the maintenance on Customer's order of emergency stocks of natural gas in compliance with both national and EU regulations.

Ticketing service contract template.

What is the Ticketing service?

Pursuant to the Law on Stocks, power sector companies specialising in foreign trade in natural gas, as well as entities importing natural gas to Poland are obligated to keep emergency stocks of natural gas. The entity responsible for the management of natural gas storage facilities in Poland is Gas Storage Poland.

The Ticketing Service provided by PGNiG is an alternative form of implementation of the obligation to keep stocks to individual procurement of such service from Gas Storage Poland or to keeping such stocks beyond the national territory. The Law stipulates the possibility to maintain emergency stocks also within the territory of another EU Member State or within the territory of a Member State of the European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA). Customers who decide to use the services provided by PGNiG commission the latter to keep an emergency stock of natural gas on their behalf.


The previously applied package of documents, comprising: Ticketing Service Rules1, standard form of contracts and standard form of Price List was replaced by a single document entitled the “Ticketing Service Contract” for each of the service options available. Simultaneously, the model of ticketing service provision and the options thereof remain unaltered.

1 The Ticketing Service Rules dated 1 August 2017 is binding to the Customers who in 2017 signed the Price List for a period longer than 1 Gas Year.