Trade and Storage

The principal activity of the segment is trade in natural gas in Poland and abroad. The segment specialises in selling natural gas produced from domestic fields or imported. The PGNiG Group is the largest supplier of natural gas in Poland. Through expansion of its subsidiaries, it is strongly increasing its presence in wholesale and retail sale to end users on foreign markets. The segment also trades in electricity, certificates of origin for electricity, and CO2 emission allowances. PGNiG is the leader of natural gas trading on the Polish Power Exchange. Trade and Storage operates seven underground gas storage facilities − in Brzeźnica, Husów, Mogilno, Strachocina, Swarzów, Wierzchowice and Kosakowo.

The segment includes the following companies: PGNiG SA, PGNiG Obrót Detaliczny Sp. z o.o., PGNiG Sales and Trading GmbH, PST Europe Sales GmbH, and Gas Storage Poland. 

For more information on the segment’s operations and financial performance, see Annual Report 2017.

Trade & Storage Segment