We have entered the electricity and heat market

PGNiG has completed the acquisition of more than 99.8% of shares in Vattenfall Heat Poland, which has led to the creation of subsidiary PGNiG Termika – Poland's largest producer of heat and electricity in cogeneration. Our facilities now account for 11% of all heat produced in Poland, reaching 70% of the population in Warsaw and 60% in Pruszków, Piastów and Michałowice. PGNiG TERMIKA produces heat and electricity in cogeneration. Thanks to this efficient technology, the Company is able to meet approximately 65% of Warsaw's total electricity demand.

“The creation of PGNiG Termika has started the Company's transformation into a multi-utility. Apart from gas, we also offer heat and electricity to our customers,” said Jarosław Bauc, Vice-President of the Management Board, Finance.

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