Representative Office in Brussels

Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG SA) Representative Office, est. in 2007, is a liaison office representing the Company’s interests vis-à-vis European Union institutions and energy sector. It advocates PGNiG position towards the EU initiatives. Its purpose is to identify and establish alliances around the Company’s mission of providing sustainable secure and affordable energy for the public and industry. 

The Representative Office is actively engaged in promoting PGNiG’s mission, position and views on energy issues. The team's goal is to enrich a discussion on energy policies and market development by adding the perspective of a large, vertically integrated gas Company from the CEE region. 


Our Representative in Brussels:

Aneta Wilmanska, Director of PGNiG SA Representative Office in Brussels


Contact details:

Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG SA)
Representative Office in Brussels
Schuman Roundabout 6, Brussels
1040 Brussels, Belgium
tel. +32 2 2347980/83
tel. +48 22 589 46 98/99


PGNiG SA is an associate member of European Energy Forum.


PGNiG SA is a member of International Association of Oil & Gas Producers.