Central Measurement and Testing Laboratory

​Description of activity and basic data:

The Central Measurement and Testing Laboratory is a self-balancing organizational unit providing services of correct and reliable measurement of natural gas.

The Central Measurement and Testing Laboratory in particular:

  • provides direct and indirect measurement supervision over the operations being the subjectmatter of the Company's activity defined in the Company's Articles of Association, implemented as appropriate through checking measurement devices and positions and through checking and verification or calibrationof devices used for the settlement measuring of the gas quality and quantity as well as measuring stations monitoring.
  • as the accreditation body appointed by the Polish Centre for Accreditation may act as an arbitrator with respect to gas measurement and settlement in case of disputes relating to gas measurement.
  • carries out tests and expertise research of measuring and settling devices used in gas sector, takes part in drafting and gives opinions on requirements and standardsfor measuring units, monitors legal standards and regulations with respect to gas measurement taking into account their prospective impact on the Company's activity and also organizes seminars in order to spread knowledge on gas quality and quantity measurement.

Main facilities

  • stations for verifying turbine, rotor and bellowsgas meters, including stations with control bell containers,
  • stations for testing and/or calibrating pressure andpressure difference electronic calibrators, meters and converters with different static pressure values,
  • stations for testing and/or calibrating temperature sensors, converters and meters,
  • stations for checking elements of specialist gas meters and all assembly sets of all types of gas meters,
  • stations for testing and calibrating electronic gas computers,
  • stations for determining physical and chemical properties of natural gas.


40 persons