Trade and Storage

The segment’s principal activity is trade in natural gas. Gas sold by the segment is mainly imported, but also domestically produced. Sale of natural gas through the distribution and transmission networks is regulated under the Polish Energy Law, and gas prices are determined based on tariffs approved by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office (except for natural gas sold at the Polish Power Exchange). The segment also trades in electricity, certificates of origin for electricity and CO2 emission allowances, and operates seven underground gas storage facilities (Brzeźnica, Husów, Mogilno, Strachocina, Swarzów, Wierzchowice and Kosakowo).

The PGNiG Group is the largest supplier of natural gas in Poland. According to the Energy Regulatory Office, PGNiG S.A.’s share in total sales of natural gas in 2013 was 94.4%. In 2014, natural gas was supplied to customers mostly by two PGNiG companies: PGNiG S.A. and its subsidiary PGNiG Obrót Detaliczny Sp. z o.o., which commenced its operations on August 1st 2014. Thus, the company has become the largest retail supplier of natural gas, while PGNiG S.A. has maintained its leading position on the wholesale market. However, due to the ongoing gas market deregulation and growing presence of other players, in the period from January 2013 to December 2014 PGNiG’s share in gas imports dropped by 12 pp., down to 79.7%.