Companies of the Segment


In January 2012, PGNiG S.A. (via its subsidiary, PGNiG SPV 1 Sp. z o.o.) acquired the assets of Vattenfall Heat Poland SA. Business name of the company was changed to PGNiG TERMIKA SA

PGNiG Termika SA is involved in the generation, distribution and sale of heat and electricity. The company also serves as the PGNiG Group’s competence center for heat and electricity generation and implementation of heat and power projects. The company’s main revenue sources are sales of heat, electricity, system services, and certificates of energy origin. The installed capacity of the company’s generating assets is 4.8 GW of achieved thermal power and 1 GW of achieved electrical power, which satisfies approximately 70% of the heat demand on the Warsaw metropolitan market. PGNiG Termika is also a producer and supplier of heat and the owner of heat sources and heat networks in Pruszków, Komorów and Piastów.

Heat and electricity are produced in six plants of the company:

  • Siekierki Heat and Power Plant
  • Żerań Heat and Power Plant
  • Pruszków Heat and Power Plant
  • Kawęczyn Heat Plant
  • Wola Heat Plant
  • Regaty Heat Plant


As per December 31th 2013, PGNiG TERMIKA SA holds a license for trading in electrical energy valid until December 31th 2030, as well as licenses valid until December 31th 2025 for:

  • heat generation
  • heat transmission and distribution
  • electrical energy production


Basic products provided by PGNiG TERMIKA SA are heat and electricity. In 2013, 92.2% of the electricity was produced in the process simultaneous heat and electricity production. The table below shows company production volumes.

Heat and power production volumes

Product Unit 2014 2013 2012
Electricity GWh 4173 4436 4390
Heat energy TJ 36923 40540 40568

Under an agreement with PSE Operator S.A, the company provided Network Forced Generation services (NFG). The subject matter of the NFG agreement was the long-term maintenance of a power reserve and a number of capacity units enabling to remove the limitations on supply points of the national power grid system in order to maintain the power safety of the Capital City of Warsaw. PGNiG TERMIKA SA is obliged to produce electric energy at the request of the Transmission System Operator. Under the aforementioned agreement, until December 31th 2013, the company produced 197.9 GWh of electrical energy.


In 2013, PGNiG TERMIKA SA sold 40,174.6 TJ of thermal energy. The main client for the heat sold by PGNiG TERMIKA SA was the Dalkia Warszawa S.A. company (formerly: Stołeczne Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej S.A.), which purchased 97.3% of the heat. The power ordered by Dalkia Warszawa S.A. for 2013 amounted to 3.6 GW. The rest was sold to local clients mostly in the town of Pruszków and its surrounding area.

In 2013, PGNiG TERMIKA SA sold 3,772.2 GWh of electrical energy. The main clients for the energy produced by PGNiG TERMIKA SA in 2013 were the PGNiG S.A. and Alpiq Energy SE companies, whose share in the sales of electrical energy of the company amounted to 99% in 2013. Moreover, the company sold energy to smaller clients.