Sales of natural gas and crude oil

The key products sold by the segment are crude oil, high-methane gas and nitrogen-rich gas. Other products, obtained in the process of crude refining, include crude condensate, sulfur and propane-butane. Some of the produced nitrogen-rich gas is further treated into high-methane gas at the Odolanów and Grodzisk Wielkopolski nitrogen rejection units. Apart from high-methane gas, the cryogenic processing of nitrogen-rich gas yields such products as liquefied natural gas (LNG), gaseous and liquid helium and liquid nitrogen. In 2014, the PGNiG Group’s sales of natural gas totalled 801 mcm, of which 744 mcm was sold in Poland and 57 mcm in Pakistan. The Group also sold 1,169 thousand tonnes of crude oil, including other fractions.

In Poland, the largest amounts of natural gas were sold to industrial customers, accounting for about 78% of the total sales volume. PGNiG sold crude to Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Ltd., Rafineria Trzebinia SA, Rafineria Nafty Jedlicze SA, TOTSA TOTAL OIL TRADING SA and BP Europe SE. In November 2014, PGNiG S.A. and Rafineria Trzebinia S.A. signed an annex to their crude supply agreement, whereby the cost of rail transport was transferred to the buyer. Since January 2015, Rafineria Trzebinia S.A. has been responsible for crude oil transport from PGNiG S.A.’s railway terminals to relevant destinations, covering all related costs.

GK PGNiG sold 49.8% of crude oil volume abroad. The sale of crude oil abroad was conducted via the Friendship Pipeline to two German refineries.

Product Unit 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005
Natural gas* mcm 801 749 723 682 674 640 611 629 565 545
mboe   4,7 4,5 4.4 4.3 4.0 3.8 4.0 3.6 3.4
Crude oil** ths.tonnes 1169 1106 485 467 501 505,6 498 542 514 616
mboe   8,1 3,6 3.4 3.7 3.7 3.7 4.0 3.8 4.5
* in high-methane gas (E) equivalent
** with condensate and production tests