Responsible investor

PGNiG carries out investment projects and produces oil and natural gas in an environmentally friendly way.

Responsible investor

Prior to launching investment projects, consultations are held with a wide group of experts and stakeholders. A good example of this attitude was PGNiG’s participation in the Community Consultation Board for Development of the LNG Terminal in Świnoujście set up by the West Pomeranian Province Governor. As one of the largest investment projects in the area, it plays a vital role in ensuring secure gas supply to all customers in Poland.

The Management Board of the company paid a lot of attention to on-going consultations with all stakeholders so as to ensure that the liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Świnoujście is built with due respect for the interests of all stakeholders and without harm to the tourist and natural assets of Świnoujście and its vicinities.

Environmental management

Implementation and certification of environmental management systems is one of the priorities of the PGNiG Capital Group and a key factor driving the implementation of sustainable development policy.

The company is consistent in its pursuit for oil and gas exploration and production without adverse effects on the environment.  Some of the PGNiG Capital Group companies implemented an environmental management system based on the PN-EN ISO 14001 standard, thanks to which they conformed with their legal obligations with respect to the environment, improved the efficiency of resources and energy use, and reduced harmful emissions into the environment.

All activities of the PGNiG Capital Group are carried out in conformity with the strictest environmental protection standards.

Emissions trading

Since 2005 PGNiG has participated in the carbon dioxide emission allowance trading scheme.  In the first settlement period covering the years 2005-2007, the company was granted an allowance for the combustion unit at the Branch in Odolanów of up to 13,400 MgCO2/year and for the production facility in Dębno, and for the Branch in Zielona Góra – 35,900 MgCO2/year.

In the year 2006, as part of implementation of the carbon dioxide emission allowance management system, PGNiG developed monitoring and reporting instructions for greenhouse gases, revised annual emission reports, and balanced the CO2 emissions with the allowance held.