Code of Ethics and rules of conduct

We encourage you to study our Code of Ethics which set forth rules of conduct for PGNiG employees to be followed in their daily duties, regardless of the type of work performed.

Ethics Plenipotentiary

The ethics plenipotentiary promotes ethical attitudes in PGNiG SA and monitors compliance with the Code of Ethics by adopting and assessing the merits of ethics violations. He also works with the ethics committee and ethics plenipotentiaries of other entities of the PGNiG Group.

The PGNiG Code of Ethics…

... outlines moral principles and ethical values which are important for the PGNiG SA organizational culture and provide the basis for building transparent long-term relations with all stakeholders. The Code lays down core values to be pursued in order to build an ethical work environment and mutual trust at PGNiG SA.

The PGNiG Code of Ethics (in Polish) – click here