Branch in Sanok

Description of activity and basic data:

The Sanok Branch continues the rich tradition of oil mining in Podkarpacie region, which dates back to mid 19th century. Within the obtained licences, the Branch carries out works connected with the exploration of natural gas and crude oil reserves, gas underground storage and transmitting liquid waste to explored reserves.

Natural gas production:

  • 27 natural gas production plants
  • 683 wells
  • production volume: 1 918 bcm of high-methane natural gas
  • reserves depth: 200-3972m
  • well pressure 0.5 MPa - 33.4 MPa

Crude oil production

  • 40 crude oi reserves
  • 1150 wells
  • Production: 50 thousand tonnes of crude oil
  • Reserves depth: 80-3500m

Underground gas storage

The Sanok Branch operates 4 natural gas underground storage facilities with the total capacity amounting to 655 million m3. Formed in natural porous rocks, the underground storage facilities use the rock porous character to store gas. Due to excellent geological storing conditions, the storage facilities were formed in explored natural gas reserves.

The total production capacity of all storage facilities exceeds 9 million m3 of gas daily.

Environmental protection

In order to protect the natural environment, we carry out many environmentally friendly activities such as treatment of waste disposal and gas, waste neutralization, environmental monitoring and compression of liquid waste to explored reserves by means of wells (in order to store them in asecure and safe manner).

Main facilities

Production centres: Łańcut, Przemyśl, Tarnów, Krosno, Ustrzyki Dolne
Natural gas production plants: Jodłówka, Lublin, Stężyca, Lubaczów, Żołynia, Tarnów II, Szczepanów, Przemyśl Zachód, Tuligłowy.
Gas underground storage Husów.


1 960 persons

Sanok Branch
12 Sienkiewicza St., 38-500 Sanok, Poland
tel. +48 13 465 21 00