Branch in Odolanów

Description of activity and basic data:

In the Odolanów Branch nitrogenised natural gas is processed into high-methane gas. The technology is based on low-temperature (cryogenic) processes.

The following products are obtained as a result of the cryogenic processing of nitrogenised gas:

  • high-methane gas for the gas transmission system
  • liquefied natural gas LNG
  • gaseous and liquefied helium
  • liquid nitrogen.

The Branch is one of very few helium producers in the world with the yearly total production volume of over 100 million scf.

The Branch's products reach customers all over Europe operating in such areas of business as:

  • technical gases
  • energy sector
  • food processing

Main facilities:

  • installation of natural gas cryogenic nitrogenization
  • installation of helium treating and liquefying
  • gas compression facility
  • containers for liquefied natural gas


130 persons

Odolanów Branch
148 Krotoszyńska St., 63-430 Odolanów, Poland
tel. +48 62 736 44 41