11.05.2018 New gas field near Rzeszów

Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo S.A. obtained commercial gas flows from the Królewska Góra-1K borehole, located in Budy Głogowskie, Rzeszów county. The Company estimates that the new deposit may yield approximately 20 mcm of high-methane gas per year.

“The positive test results obtained for another well in Podkarpacie confirm the region’s production potential,” said Piotr Woźniak, President of the PGNiG S.A. Management Board. “Domestic hydrocarbon exploration and production are of significant importance to our business and Poland’s energy security,” he added.

The exploration well drilled in Budy Głogowskie is 1,350 m deep. The extracted gas has a high methane content. PGNiG plans to bring the Królewska Góra-1K borehole on stream by connecting it with the Kupno Gas Gathering System in late 2019.

The newly discovered deposit is located in the area covered by the Ropczyce-Bratkowice-Strzyżów licence, held solely by PGNiG S.A. The test results indicate that annual production from the deposit may reach approximately 20 mcm of gas.

The location of the exploration well was selected based on data obtained from a 3D seismic survey. PGNiG has been increasingly using this method. It was thanks to a 3D survey that the company discovered new gas horizons in the Przemyśl deposit. Based on preliminary estimates, they may hold about 20 bcm of recoverable resources. To compare, according to estimates made years ago the deposit volume was 72 bcm of gas, of which 65 bcm had already been extracted. The new horizons will allow us to extend production in the area for several dozen years.

PGNiG has made three 3D seismic surveys in Podkarpacie, covering a total area of ​​more than 2,000 km3. With this data, the Company can choose locations for its exploration drilling in places offering the best chance of success. In 2018, PGNiG S.A. has already drilled six wells in the Podkarpacie region, which have yielded commercial gas flows.