06.02.2018 More gas discovered within Przemyśl field

With the use of innovative surveying and drilling methods, PGNiG has discovered a new gas pool within the Przemyśl field, which has been in production for 60 years.

The PGNiG Geology and Hydrocarbon Production Branch has completed a test on the Przemyśl-290 production well, located in the Ujkowice area north of Przemyśl. The test showed a gas flow rate of approximately 150 m3/min.

Drilled in late 2017 and early 2018 to a depth of 2,030 metres, the well is the fourth in the area to yield commercial quantities of gas. By the end of the year, PGNiG wants to drill three more wells, with the first one scheduled for spudding in February. The provider of drilling services is a PGNiG Group company Exalo Drilling.

The Przemyśl-290 well will be used to produce gas from the new VIIIa gas pool discovered within the Przemyśl field. Although the field has been in production for several decades, PGNiG continues to make new gas discoveries within its boundaries with the use of cutting-edge surveying and drilling techniques.

3D seismic images have fundamentally changed our view of the geological structure of the deposit. They have prompted our decision to revitalise the field and keep it producing for decades to come,” said Piotr Woźniak, President of the PGNiG SA Management Board.

The Przemyśl field is Poland’s largest gas deposit producing top quality gas, which is approximately 98%–99% methane. Since its inception, the field has produced over 64 billion Nm3 of gas.

PGNiG currently holds 21 licences for exploration and appraisal of crude oil and natural gas deposits in Poland and 25 combined (exploration, appraisal and production) licences. The Company also holds 213 production licences, including 151 gas production licences, 14 oil production licences and 48 oil and gas production licences. In addition, PGNiG has secured 9 natural gas storage licences and 3 waste storage licences.