PGNiG S.A. has acquired shares in exploration license in Denmark
PGNiG S.A. has signed an assignment agreement of 40 percent shares in exploration license in Denmark.
On 9 December 2007, Polish Oil and Gas Company was awarded the tender for an exploration license in Libya.
On 10.07.07, Libya, through its state‑owned oil company National Oil Corporation (NOC) announced the fourth bidding round for onshore and offshore hydrocarbon exploration licenses.
The Supervisory Board of PGNiG, at the meeting on 5 December 2007, reviewed the applications under the recruitment procedure for Board members of PGNiG
Overall, 33 applications were received, which were submitted by 30 individuals One application was withdrawn prior to the Supervisory Board meeting and, as a result, 32 applications were considered.
PGNiG Annual Report gets an award
The 2006 Annual Report of PGNiG won thethird place in The Best Annual Report  2006 competition. This means an advancement from the sixth place in thelast year's edition of the competition.
PGNiG issues a guarantee to PGNiG Norway
On 19 October 2007 a guarantee agreement was signed between PGNiG and PGNiG Norway SA.

PGNiG assigns the rights to PGNiG Norway
PGNiGassigns the rights and obligations under the agreement for the acquisition ofinterests in licenses on the Norwegian Continental Shelf to PGNiG Norway
Opening of executive recruitment process for membership on the Management Board of PGNiG S.A.
The Supervisory Board of PGNiGAt the meeting held on October 9th decided to open an executiverecruitment process for the Management Board of PGNiG.
Geofizyka Torun wins the tender for seismic surveys in Germany
GeofizykaTorun, a subsidiary company of the PGNiG Group, won the tender for performanceof seismic surveys in Germanyfor GeoEnergy.