PGNiG S.A. has acquired shares in exploration license in Denmark
PGNiG S.A. has signed an assignment agreement of 40 percent shares in exploration license in Denmark.
On 9 December 2007, Polish Oil and Gas Company was awarded the tender for an exploration license in Libya.
On 10.07.07, Libya, through its state‑owned oil company National Oil Corporation (NOC) announced the fourth bidding round for onshore and offshore hydrocarbon exploration licenses.
The Supervisory Board of PGNiG, at the meeting on 5 December 2007, reviewed the applications under the recruitment procedure for Board members of PGNiG
Overall, 33 applications were received, which were submitted by 30 individuals One application was withdrawn prior to the Supervisory Board meeting and, as a result, 32 applications were considered.
PGNiG Annual Report gets an award
The 2006 Annual Report of PGNiG won thethird place in The Best Annual Report  2006 competition. This means an advancement from the sixth place in thelast year's edition of the competition.
PGNiG issues a guarantee to PGNiG Norway
On 19 October 2007 a guarantee agreement was signed between PGNiG and PGNiG Norway SA.

PGNiG assigns the rights to PGNiG Norway
PGNiGassigns the rights and obligations under the agreement for the acquisition ofinterests in licenses on the Norwegian Continental Shelf to PGNiG Norway
Opening of executive recruitment process for membership on the Management Board of PGNiG S.A.
The Supervisory Board of PGNiGAt the meeting held on October 9th decided to open an executiverecruitment process for the Management Board of PGNiG.
Geofizyka Torun wins the tender for seismic surveys in Germany
GeofizykaTorun, a subsidiary company of the PGNiG Group, won the tender for performanceof seismic surveys in Germanyfor GeoEnergy.
LNG Terminal named the business event of the year 2006 in Western Pomeranian Voivodeship
The decision of Polish Oil and Gas Company on construction of areceiving terminal for liquefied natural gas in Swinoujscie has beennamed the business event of the year 2006 in Western PomeranianVoivodeship. Today, in Szczecin Tadeusz Zwierzynski, Vice President ofPGNiG in charge of strategic projects received the prestigious RegionalForbes Executive Award 2006.
PGNiG drafts up a short list of bidders invited to the tender for design of the LNG terminal
On 10 September, Polish Oil and Gas Company, as part of thepublic tender held under a negotiated procedure with publication forpreparation of “The process engineering and architectural andconstruction design documentation, as required under the constructionlaw for obtaining all the necessary permits including the buildingpermit for the project titled Liquefied Natural Gas RegasificationTerminal in Swinoujscie” sent out invitations to submit preliminarybids to three potential Contractors:
PGNiG qualified to bid for exploration and production licenses in Libya
On 6 September, PGNiG successfully went through theprequalification process under the proceedings carried out by theNational Oil Corporation (NOC) of Libya for selection of the operatoron hydrocarbon exploration and production licenses.
PGNiG – Institutional Partner of 17th Economic Forum in Krynica
PGNiG has been traditionally supporting the debate on thefuture of the European energy market and once again is participating inthe Economic Forum in Krynica. The long standing co operation betweenPGNiG and the Institute for Eastern Studies in organisation of theForum is a manifestation of the constant need for meetings betweendecision makers and experts and reflection within the formula a “Davosof the Central and Eastern Europe”.
Dynamic Growth of Financial Results of PGNiG Group
After two quarters of 2007, the PGNiG Group generated a netprofit of PLN 1,135 million, which means a 55 per cent increasecomparing to the same period in the preceding year.
PGNiG getting closer to field exploration in Egypt
On 18 July 2007, in Cairo, PGNiG SA initialled the Arabic and English version of the Concession Agreement for Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbons in the Arab Republic of Egypt, in the Bahariya Block. PGNiG presented also the relevant preliminary bank guarantee.
Further to the information published in the PAP news service inrelation to the project concerning development of the LNG terminal,PGNiG informs that:
Applications for participation in the tender carried out by way of negotiated procedure with publication concerning the construction engineering design of the LNG Terminal in Swinoujscie to be submitted by 16 July
On 22 June, the company under the name of Polskie LNG, represented by Polish Oil and Gas Company, announced a tender for preparation of “Process engineering and architectural and construction design documentation, as required under the construction law for obtaining all necessary permits including the building permit for the project titled Liquefied Natural Gas Regasification Terminal in Swinoujscie”.
Decision of General Shareholders Meeting of PGNiG on profit distribution for 2006
On 28 June 2007, the Extraordinary General Meeting of PGNiG decided, among other things, on distribution of the profit for the year 2006 in the amount of PLN 1,582,268,076.22 in the following manner:
Polish Oil and Gas Company joins SKANLED Consortium
On 20 June, 2007, PGNiG SA joined to and acquired free of charge 15% interest in the Consortium led by Gassco, which develops the SKANLED gas pipeline from Karsto in Norway to Sweden and Denmark.