Prizes and awards

The Best Annual Report

PGNiG’s Annual Report 2016 won the first prize in the ‘Corporations’ category of the prestigious ‘Best Annual Report 2016’ competition organised by the Institute of Accountancy and Taxes and the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The judging panel of this year’s 12th edition of the contest awarded the top prize to PGNiG S.A. after considering the Directors’ Report, the financial statements and the online annual report. PGNiG’s report was also distinguished as most useful to shareholders.

‘The Best Annual Report’ competition seeks to promote annual reports which deliver most useful information to shareholders and investors. It is a non-commercial initiative aimed at developing good financial reporting practices among public companies, and thus increasing security of Poland’s capital market.

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Golden Website Award

The ‘Golden Website Award’ competition, run by the Polish Association of Listed Companies, seeks to recognise the best websites of listed companies. It has three stages, at which the websites are assessed for how they communicate with investors, what information they provide and how useful they are. In each of these areas, several criteria are applied.

In the 11th edition of the competition, PGNiG was the winner in the ‘Polish companies listed in WIG20 and mWIG40 indices’ category. Earlier, was awarded in 2017 and 2016 in this category.

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Transparent Company of the Year

Every year, the editorial team of the Parkiet daily and the Institute of Accountancy and Taxes, acting under the auspices of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, organise the ‘Transparent Company of the Year’ ranking addressed to public companies listed in the WIG20, mWIG40 and sWIG80 indices. The ranking is compiled based on assessment of the participants’ communication with the market, including their financial reporting, investor relations and corporate governance.

In 2017, PGNiG was named one of the 28 most transparent companies in Poland. Earlier, was awarded in 2016

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