Science and education

PGNiG endorses numerous initiatives designed to help Polish science and education. Our commitment means charity practice as well as actions aimed at promoting education, especially sciences. Our charitable purposes are accomplished through the Ignacy Łukasiewicz Foundation, liaising among others with Caritas Polska. As part of a strategic partnership, the Foundation has taken care of 300 most needy children in Poland on a long-term basis under the Wings for Each Day programme (Skrzydła na co dzień). It is a strategic partner of the Student Volunteers programme (Wolontariat Studencki), designed by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation and executed by the Klanza Polish Association of Educators and Animators (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Pedagogów i Animatorów „Klanza"), an NGO looking for new solutions aimed at changing the reality. Apart from these two major programmes, the PGNiG Foundation supports other non-governmental organisations and associations which pursue similar objectives. Furthermore, PGNiG employees are members and experts of scientific and technical associations. The Company has long-standing and unique competence to capture and store CO2 in orogeny safely. It is hard to overestimate its importance taking into consideration future actions Poland is obliged to take to reduce the emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere (greenhouse gas) in order to prevent further climate changes (the Kyoto Protocol). As the first laboratory in Poland and probably one of just few in Europe, PGNiG's Central Measuring and Research Lab was accredited to check meter circuits and evaluate petrol process analysers in terms of pollution emissions. Not only is it open for Warsaw inhabitants, visiting Gas-works at ul. Kasprzaka during Open Days, but it is also willing to cooperate with students of Warsaw's universities, who in this way have the opportunity to get to know modern analytical techniques of various gas mixtures, including those of natural gases.