Workshops – The challenges of change

Workshop: Magic board... The impossible becomes possible! – How can we use our convictions to support progress?

Workshop description:
Have you ever seen a karate movie? Because that's what our workshop will be like – we're going to train you to fight your own beliefs! But why? Because all change is implemented for people, by people. And, as data from across the world and our own experience serve to demonstrate, in most situations it is the human factor that is the main challenge in transformation. When people are faced with changes in their company, they tend to rationalise whatever is happening, focusing only on the positive aspects, often denying or avoiding the changes, and adopting a variety of other coping strategies. To better understand how the psychological mechanics of change can be put in the service of progress, we will first conduct an experiment on ourselves – by attempting to determine which beliefs which will allow us to significantly shape the results of change processes.
Who is it for? This workshop will particularly suit leaders and ambassadors of change at various organisational levels, as well as those responsible for mergers, acquisitions and transformations of organisational structures and corporate culture.

Sylwia Lewandowska-Akhvlediani, Progressive Partners – business psychologist, international coach, and facilitator. With over 14 years of experience in inspiring and supporting change within organisations, groups and people, Mrs Lewandowska-Akhvlediani aims to improve the value of individuals and organisations by making responsibility more than just a catchy phrase – a common and natural practice among leaders and teams, upon which organisations can build value. She is also fascinated by the psychology of sport and competitiveness, and is a member of the Council of Experts at the THINKTANK analytic centre. Mrs Lewandowska-Akhvlediani, whose husband is from Georgia, loves exploring other cultures, dancing and hiking in the mountains. 
Zofia Barańska, Progressive Partners – coach and facilitator. Ms Barańska has more than 7 years of experience in teaching corporate managers and executives how to use English to communicate effectively in business settings. As a coach and therapist, she helps people discover the potential inherent in their minds and bodies, and also teaches them how to stay healthy. While travelling alone through Asia, Ms Barańska learned how to quickly adapt to new circumstances and how to behave in emergencies and difficult situations. She is inspired by people from the world of business such as Jack Welsh, Muhammad Yunus and Bill Gore, as well as travellers like Marek Kamiński and Ernest Schackleton. 

Workshop: Eight steps to successful change management – can penguins teach us something?

Workshop description:
According to John Kotter, an international expert on change management, as many as 70% of transformation projects end up foundering. Sometimes this is down to inadequate communication, and on other occasions the wrong choice of team members or even the vision itself are to blame. It can also happen that changes are successfully implemented but end up being reverted, as team members lack the proper drive and understanding to allow them to follow through to the intended results ("the first step is always the hardest", as the saying goes). But the transformation process does not have to be difficult, provided that we arrange all the key elements in the right way and cater to its crucial stakeholders. During the workshops, we will walk through every step, and discuss our experiences with them. Everyone is cordially invited to participate.
Who is it for? This workshop will be particularly useful for people who design transformation and restructuring processes at different levels within organisations and communities. 

Joanna Gabrysiak-Wadowska, Progressive Partners – coach, CSR consultant. Ms Gabrysiak-Wadowska finds inspiration in her work with people and their enthusiasm, as well as their frustrations, because these lead to change and development. She is a student and practitioner of Nonviolent Communication in her personal life and in her coaching job. For many years she has worked with companies that wish to account for their stakeholders' needs and expectations in their operations. A mother of two, Staś and Ania, she is mindful of the balance between her work and private life. 
Piotr Kurpiasz, Progressive Partners – coach, manager. In his work, Mr Kurpiasz focuses on individuals, motivating them to action, helping them establish ambitious goals and supporting their progress towards them. He has conducted training and coaching sessions for the employees of various companies, as well as administrative staff, teachers, and the unemployed. He believes in the effectiveness of changes that are implemented consciously, respectfully of one's self and the dissimilarities in others, and that are mindful of the natural environment. His regular practice of ashtanga yoga inspires him to on-going personal change.