Letter from the Presidents of PGNiG SA and PwC Poland

Ladies and Gentlemen, We have the honour and pleasure to invite you to the third Conference in the "Responsible Energy" series, entitled "Values, business and social relations".

This year's Conference will focus on values: their role in building social capital and their importance in shaping the organisational culture of companies, especially those seeking to comply with the principles of sustainable development and responsible business.
We hope that the contributions of our speakers, amongst them many distinguished Polish and international experts, government representatives, NGO activists and presidents of leading energy companies, will be both inspirational and informative, allowing us to explore best practices and trends in value-based management.

A highlight of the Conference will be the presentation of the "Vision of Sustainable Development for Polish Business" project. The project has been developed within the framework of an international initiative of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, WBCSD). In Poland, its implementation is being coordinated by the Responsible Business Forum and PwC Polska, under the aegis of the Polish Ministry of Economy.

The initiative is to deliver a document pointing out the challenges and opportunities involved in sustainable development of Polish companies.  Our Conference will serve as a platform for the widest possible involvement in this initiative. To this end, its second part will feature workshops during which discussions will be held in groups.

We hope that the programme of the Conference will satisfy your expectations. We believe that the issues discussed, as well as ideas for possible cooperation between the business sector, public administration and NGOs, will inspire you to work actively to advance the cause of sustainable development.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the organisers and participants, without whom this Conference would not be possible.
We invite you to the discussion on June 14th 2011.

Olga Grygier
President of the Management Board PwC Poland

Michał Szubski
President of the Management Board PGNiG SA